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Locks Rekeyed Service Is Available On The Weekend

Rekeying service doesn’t apply to an emergency situation which is why you can put it on hold for few days. Majority of the people don’t have time for such issues in the weekdays. Only for you, Jakob and Daughter 24 Hour Locksmith DC is providing locks rekeyed service at the weekend. You can make reservations for the weekend by calling us right now. Our contact number is 202-888-6768. On the other hand, you can call us on the weekend and hire locks rekeyed service. In any way you mention, we are happy to serve you as per your requirements.

Different Vehicle Locks For Every Vehicle

Locksmiths usually don’t provide all the information to customers. Security device manufacturers come up with a type of locks to be used in specific way. Locksmiths won’t tell you this because they want to sell you all the items they are offering. Jakob and Daughter 24 Hour Locksmith DC believes in selling only what’s best for the customers. When it comes to vehicle security, we are able to offer more than 30 types of vehicle locks. However, we don’t intend to sell any kind of lock to you. We will present the locks which are suitable for your particular vehicle type. Choose from the presented locks range.

Window Locks For Every Window Type

Are you planning to tighten the security at windows? In this case, window locks and gates are the two options you have. Which one would you like to go for? If you ask us, opt for window locks. The latest batch of 2014 window locks has arrived. You will be amazed to see the variety of locks available. Jakob and Daughter 24 Hour Locksmith DC sells secondary security devices such as window locks at affordable prices. We are sure that we can offer a suitable lock for your window type. Get in touch with Jakob and Daughter Emergency Locksmith DC and mention your requirements.