Jakob and Daughter Auto Locksmith Washington DC

Solutions for locked ignition switch keys

Your car fails to start? Remember to check your ignition switch first because a locked ignition switch is one of the most common problems you will encounter in cars. Normally, you have only dealerships or auto repair shops to rely on. However, for the case of locked ignition, locksmiths turn out to be more cost-effective and time-saving solutions. Jakob and Daughter Auto Locksmith DC provides services for the locked ignition problems. Our Auto locksmith Washington, DC have successfully repaired and replaced various ignition switch keys for our customers at reasonable costs. Call us today or visit us online to know more about services for ignition switch keys.

Locksmith services to get your keys copied

You want to have a number of spare keys to give to members of your house/ apartment. Or you want to have a spare key in case you lose your main key. It’s really easy. Come to Jakob and Daughter Auto Locksmith Washington DC store or call us. You will have your keys copied and new spare keys produced at very competitive prices. We pride ourselves in our advanced techniques and attentions to details in cutting copies of your keys whether it’s a basic standard key or a high security key. Moreover, we always check our keys carefully to ensure 100% accuracy before handing to you.

Magnetic locks­­ – solutions for commercial security

Magnetic locks are becoming more and more popular as the security solutions for either business facilities or residential buildings. They have several advantages in comparison to traditional locks: they offer higher levels of durability and security while requiring low maintenance. The magnetic locks will provide an excellent level of security for your businesses/ facilities when properly installed by Jakob and Daughter Auto Locksmith Washington DC. We have a large range of magnetic locks designed for different needs whether they are the most basic security needs or the highest security needs. And our professional, experienced locksmiths will make sure to install your magnetic locks properly and efficiently.

Total services offered for new locks installation

You have used your lock for long years and you can’t trust it anymore. It’s time you should let your buddy have a break, and get new locks for your house or business. At Jakob and Daughter Auto Locksmith Washington DC, our trained locksmiths are always available to provide new locks installation services for your commercial or residential security. We install the highest quality locks available in the market to ensure excellent security for your place. Our professional locksmiths will personally make sure everything is done properly during the installation. Call us today at 202-888-6768 to let us help you choose the correct lock for you.