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The latest technology on the market can be used to protect your car. All of us at Jakob and Daughter Car Locksmith DC have taken the time to study the technology that is on the market. Our technicians that specialize in automotive physical security will take the time and give free consultation. Here at Jakob and Daughter Auto Locksmith DC, we want you to be aware that there is a safer security. Cars are very expensive and there is no reason to risk a theft because of an poorly maintained alarm or locks. We are open around-the-clock for your convenience.

The Tools to Prevent Auto Theft

Here at Jakob and Daughter Auto Locksmith DC, we can provide the tools that are useful for preventing auto theft and also helping police locate a stolen vehicle. There are several types of GPS trackers that register with local authorities like the LoJack. Jakob and Daughter Car  Locksmith DC, recommend having the vehicle identification number etched into the windshield. Doing so is a cheap and easy way to lower your cars value on the black market. At Jakob and Daughter Locks DC, we also have other tips for helping protect your major mode of transportation.

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Vehicle Console Vaults for Models of Car

The best way to keep registration, cash, valuables, or a fire arm in the car is with a vehicle console vaults. We can have an automotive locksmith install storage security without drastic changes made to the vehicle. There is a size vault made for all models of cars and a professional can easily fit one of these devices. Our automotive locksmith recommends this as the best way to prevent smash grabs. These are the same vaults used by law enforcement to protect their weapons when stored in the car.

Popular Brand Name Car Alarms Recommended by Locksmiths

The most popular brand name car alarms that automotive locksmiths recommend are Cobra, Crimestopper, Hornet, Viper, and Python. Our technicians have all the right tools for installing anyone of these alarms. These alarms have the added benefit of being able to shutdown the engine and can incorporate GPS tracking. These installations can also help lower the cost of insurance. They are reliable known by auto insurers to be useful. These are monthly savings greater than the cost of installation.

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An Emergency Locksmith in DC for all Motor Vehicles

If you have lost or broken the key to your car, truck, boat or motorcycle then don’t worry. You are not alone!  Our emergency car locksmith in DC is here to assist everyone by offering a reliable roadside service.  Our local technicians are on-call 24 hours a day so you have the freedom to lose your keys anywhere in the city. We also have the tools for ignition repair, lock repair, transponder reprogramming, and key duplication. Your safety and satisfaction is important to our company and we work everyday of the year for your convenience.

A Certified Auto Locksmith in DC

Jakob and Daughter auto locksmith in DC is licensed, bonded, and insured. Also our technicians will treat your automobile as if it was their own. This means that you can count on us to provide you with the best products and clean service.  Our technicians will never scratch or dent your vehicle and can provide you with an array of solutions for security. You will love the service that we provide because it is convenient. We aim for complete customer satisfaction and we value your safety.

The Best Locksmith for Professional Lock Picking

If you ever accidentally locked your keys in the car then you understand the importance of the service that we provide. We can easily save you from your own clumsiness. Our specialists understand the imperative nature and will arrive as quickly as possible and get you back on the road. Jakob and Daughter Locks has the right tools to open a car without damaging it. We have seen time and time again an amateur locking picker create heavy damage to the car. Call us first and save yourself the frustration. We are standing by 24 hours a day. We are open on weekend and holidays for the customer convenience.