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There is almost nothing worse than getting ready to leave for the day, going out to your car, and not having the key turn. That’s when you need an expert auto locksmith Washington, DC to provide you with what you need. A pro from our professional automotive locksmith team will come over in a fully loaded van with a 20-minute response time and the experience of someone with over a decade in business. They are honest, dependable, and reliable and we only hire the best car locksmith Washington, DC to service all our customers with their auto lock needs.

What Does Our Auto Locksmith Service in Washington Provide?

Trouble with locking keys in cars is something that everyone has problems with, but our locksmith Washington company does more than that. Our auto locksmith service in Washington can repair your transponder key to get you back to remote starting your vehicle; we also offer replacement car keys and even the services of a key maker if your old keys get lost or damaged. With our automotive locksmith service in Washington in your corner; your ignition key will never fail to start the car, and you’ll always have a replacement set of keys handy for the road.

Auto Locksmith Washington DC

A New Transponder Key is No Problem for Our Key Maker

Our automotive locksmith Washington can also rightly be called a key maker because if you lose your key it will need to be remade. We make any keys needed, including repairing and replacing your transponder key and making a new key fob. Once you’ve gotten used to push button access with your cars and vehicles, it’s very hard to go back to the manual method. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen! For any repairs that need a good key maker call us! We have the latest transponder keys available on the market today. we are the company for you to rely on.

Replacement Car Keys Aren’t a Problem Either

Our Washington car locksmith can also make you a set of replacement car keys if your old pair is lost or broken. All they need to do to achieve this is copy vehicle key and those copied keys will turn into your new replacement car keys.

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We Even Fix Ignition Keys

If your car won’t start and the car isn’t the culprit, perhaps it is the ignition key? If so, our auto locksmith Washington team will be able to help you create a new ignition key to get your car back on track.

A Certified Auto Locksmith in DC

Jakob and Daughter auto locksmith in DC is licensed, bonded, and insured. Also our technicians will treat your automobile as if it was their own. This means that you can count on us to provide you with the best products and clean service.  Our technicians will never scratch or dent your vehicle and can provide you with an array of solutions for security. You will love the service that we provide because it is convenient. We aim for complete customer satisfaction and we value your safety.

The Best Locksmith for Professional Lock Picking

If you ever accidentally locked your keys in the car then you understand the importance of the service that we provide. We can easily save you from your own clumsiness. Our specialists understand the imperative nature and will arrive as quickly as possible and get you back on the road. Jakob and Daughter Locksmith near me has the right tools to open a car without damaging it. We have seen time and time again an amateur locking picker create heavy damage to the car. Call us first and save yourself the frustration. We are standing by 24 hours a day. In addition, we are open on weekend and holidays for the customer convenience.

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