Jakob and Daughter Bethesda Locksmith

Vehicle locks – one stop service for all types of vehicles

Locks used for vehicles like door locks, trunk locks or ignition locks are considered to be problem free. But often vehicle locks can get stuck. Sometimes you face car lockouts with you standing outside a locked car with the keys missing. Locks used in vehicles are like any other lock and need servicing or repairing now and then. Get your vehicle locks serviced by Jakob and Daughter Bethesda Locksmith, the experts on servicing all kinds of locks including vehicle locks. You may also use our services for emergencies like automobile lockouts or for regular servicing of your vehicle locks so that they will function smoothly all times.

Help with window locks

Locks used for windows are of various types ranging from lockable handles to swing locks and snap locks. All types of window locks need periodic servicing. Otherwise they may get stuck. You may also need help with repairing these locks. If a lock fixed on a window gets stuck, it causes you inconvenience if the window is closed or security risk if the window is open. Any faulty window lock has to be fixed quickly and properly. Please contact Jakob and Daughter Bethesda Locksmith either for regular servicing or repairing locks fixed on windows. We will visit your place and fix up the problem quickly and efficiently.

Work weekends and earn cash

Want to earn money working week ends? Here is an opportunity for you to work for Jakob and Daughter Bethesda Locksmith during weekends and earn substantial income. The job involves working with locks. We will train you and make you an expert. You may have to work at our place or to visit our clients’ places to do the job. You can use the extra cash to pay your loans or buy things you have been fancying. It is easy to earn a lot by sparing a few hours in the weekends. If you want to work weekends and earn some extra cash, give us a call.

Key duplication – Get it done by the right people

People often realize that they don’t have duplicate keys only when they lose the only key for a lock. Avoid getting caught unawares by going for key duplication. Make key copies in advance to save yourself from unexpected problems like lockouts. Contact Jakob and Daughter Locksmith Bethesda MD, the experts on key services to get your keys copied. Having extra keys is the best insurance against losing or misplacing keys. Having key copies will also enable multiple users to have their own keys. Don’t wait till you face a problem. Identify the keys which need duplication and call us at 202-888-6768 today to have key copies made.