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Need peephole installation services? We have the experts

Today’s burglars are very cleaver. They no longer use force to invade a home. They use tricks that will see them gain access with ease. In most cases, they trick one to open the door by ringing the door bell. To avoid falling into their traps, you need to seek peephole installation services so that you can always know who is knocking before you can open. At Jakob and Daughter Locksmith, we have peephole experts who know the best materials to use on peepholes and how to install them.

We install high security locks at unbeatable rates

High value property requires high level security measures in order to protect the property against any form of theft and invasion. At Jakob and Daughter Locksmith, we know different types of high security locks that can be good when it comes to protecting your property. Our experts have the required skills and tools that are needed when installing or repairing these kind of locks. Upon receiving your service request order, we dispatch our locksmiths who come, listen to your security needs then work hand in hand with you to do the installation or repairs.

Install master key systems for enhanced security

If you want to control which areas of your building or business premises your employees or tenants have access to, then you have to install master key systems. Other places like government institutions and hospitals also necessitate greater security control and access and thus can benefit a lot from these systems. At Jakob and Daughter Locksmith, we can help you enjoy the convenience of carrying just one key that has the magic to open multiple locks as well as enjoying the benefit of being in control of who has access to which areas by installing these systems for you.

Searching for lockout services? Contact us

With many counterfeit security hardware being in circulation in our markets today, you might buy a lock only for it to fail to open at one point in time. If this happens, you will be forced to go for lockout services in order to gain access to your home or business. Jakob and Daughter Locksmith is a reputable company providing locksmith services. If you are locked out of your home, business or car, our technicians can help unlock your locks for you. To book an appointment with one of our locksmiths, call us!

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