Front Door Locks Service In Washington, DC

When it has to do with your front door locks installation and repair, we at Jacob and Daughter Locksmith can handle it perfectly. Over the years, we have been providing value and earning the confidence of our clients. Our customer service and operation have grown and remain quality and top-notch.

We only employ trained, experienced, and certified door locks experts so that our clients can be assured that they are getting the best front door lock service possible. We can comfortably render all door locks service for residential and commercial clients. Moreover, we have experience working on all forms of locks, be it simple/traditional lock rekey or modern lock rekey. Just contact us today, and let’s give you the best front door locks ever.

Home Door Locks: Freedom From Thieves And Intruders

Right from the beginning, locks and keys were the best ways of securing front door locks, and people still use them today. In the present generation, technology has improved so many things, including home door locks. Now, homeowners have various options to choose from when they are about to decide which home door locks to pick.

Jacob and Daughter Locksmith have experience with all forms of locks and can help you install whichever door locks you want. We offer deadbolt installation, desk and safe locks, door knobs repair and replacement, file cabinet lock and key repairs, high-security lock installation, and many more. Our services are of high quality, and you can relax knowing that your home is secure.

Front Door Locks - Jakob and Daughter Locksmith

High-Security Locks: Top-Level Security For Your Home

It is very easy to figure out the level of security of your home by the kinds of front door locks you install and the types of keys you use to unlock the locks. If your keys are easy to copy, you put your home and business in a compromised situation because it will be very easy for thieves to copy that key and get access to your building. High-security locks are a solution to issues like this because they offer an additional layer of security to your home and office.

Brands like Medeco or Primus have the best anti-pick technology and high-security locks. We work closely with top brands to give our clients quality front door locks. We know what you need, and we will provide it to you once you contact us.

Master Key System – Get Access To Your Lock Easily

As a landlord and business owner, balancing your home security with business security is something you hold dear. Your home and office security are very important, and the master key system presents a very simple and effective solution to this. As an experienced front door lock solution provider, we can help you set up and install the master key system to help you improve your home and office security.

With the master key system, you can give access only to those who need it. When you install the master key system as a business or homeowner, you get a multi-layered security framework. We will give you a “grandmaster key” that can unlock every lock in the building, and you can provide your tenants and employees keys that have access to certain areas in the building.

Lock Rekeying – Change Your Key Without Changing The Lock

In case you don’t know, we can help you save money by changing your front door locks key instead of having to change the lock completely. Lock rekeying is economical, fast, and very easy. A lock rekey has to do with changing the keys to access your locks. Once you rekey your locks, only the new key can open them at any time. We advise that you rekey your lock occasionally. However, a few instances can warrant that you rekey your lock immediately. It is an intelligent move to rekey your lock when:

  • You lost your key.
  • When a lot of people have had access to your key before.
  • When you fire an employee, or a tenant moves out.
  • You just moved into a new apartment.
  • When your key has been with a housekeeper.

Once your key has been away from you for a very long time, it is recommended that you rekey your lock.

Locksmith Services-All-inclusive Locksmith Services

At Jakob & Daughter Locksmith, we offer all kinds of front door locks installation and repair all over Washington, D.C. We provide commercial locksmith services for both commercial and residential clients, and we have been doing this for a very long time. We are experienced, trained, and equipped with the best tools to give you peace of mind about your home and office.