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Improve your security by Locksmith Centreville VA with the Magnetic locks

By using the magnetic and electric locks the home and business security can be very well upgraded. The magnetic locks are considered more secure than the nonmagnetic locks which are vulnerable to break ins. Jakob and Daughter Locksmith Centreville VA on this interest can offer the magnetic locks for your commercial or household purposes. The material and quality of the locks used by our company are of high quality . Your house or office will be more secure with the installation of magnetic locks. The use of magnetic locks includes key card control. This if later is lost it can also be remade by contacting the locksmith. So call us if you are interested in achieving a high class security for the house.

Locksmith Centreville VA

Jakob and Daughter Locksmith in Centreville VA for New locks installation

The New locks installation is a necessity if there is a new house built, or break in and for replacements in the house. If you are trying to have the best locks, then contact Jakob and Daughter Locksmith in Centreville VA for New locks installation. Before starting the installation of the locks we first provide you an estimated quotation through which you can know the total cost of the process. The estimated cost chart specifies he cost of the material and service charges separate. By observing the quotation you may note our cost effectiveness and affordability. So to get the new locks to the house or replacing for upgrading the locking system of your house or office call us at 202-688-2479.

Centreville VA locksmith for peephole installation on your doors

If your apartment or house lacks a peephole then a rule of thumb would be to set up a new one as early as possible. There serve a higher degree of purpose. You can see the person outside your door without opening it. This keeps you safe from the sudden intrusion from the strangers and burglars. So contact Jakob and Daughter Locksmith Centreville VA to have a peephole installed on your door at a proper height to have a check before you open the door. The locksmiths from our company will drill a peephole based on your height and comfort in watching the outsiders . So contact us to add your door some more safety through peepholes.

Find a way through Locksmith in Centreville VA to remove broken keys From A Lock.

In the recent days there is a wide range of locks available either it may be your home’s front door, car door key, ignition key and many more. These keys are made up of different materials depending on the type of keys that are being manufactured. Contact Jakob and Daughter Locksmith in Centreville VA to remove broken keys from the lock. An easy way to pull the broken section of the key from the lock is to use magnets. Since the key has the ability to get attracted to magnets the process become easier. Another way is to use the extractor set to remove the broken keys from the lock. Our locksmiths are skilled with different tools to easily remove broken keys.