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A Wide Variety of Keys for Sale

Jakob and Daughter Locksmith Fairfax VA is a mobile lock store with padlocks, pin tumblers, tubular locks, wafer tumbler locks, and combination locks. Our locksmiths are always qualified to install and program electronic locks for card keys, finger or retina scan, and key codes. This is a fully capable locksmith team that can help bring security to any home or office 24 hours a day.

Locksmith Fairfax, VA Has the Best in Home Security

Since our service is 24 hours a day, we can bring home security to your house at the most convenient time. Jakob and Daughter Locksmith Fairfax can supply any type of lock for installation including pad locks, pin tumbler locks, tubular locks, wafer tumbler lock, deadbolts, and combination locks. This can help secure any door, window, or cabinet for the best in home security at the easiest time.

Locksmith in Fairfax, VA Has the Best Prices

Our business motto is to help the customer at the best price. We have a locksmith in Fairfax who specializes in residential and commercial security. This is the only fully comprehensive service at this price. It is a great convenience for the customer and it is at a low cost. Customer service is at an all time high and you can read the blog page for reviews.

The Locksmith Fairfax, VA for Safes and Vaults

Jakob and Daughter Locksmith Fairfax work on a wide variety of safes and vaults. Our technicians have the skills and are always ready with the golden key. They have the tools necessary to help open safes, vaults, and cabinets with minimal damage. This is also the team that has been known to help with safe and vault repairs. Also, this is a good service for replacing lost keys.