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Locksmith in DC wants to Protect the Community One Lock at a Time

All of us at Jakob and Daughter Locks in DC have devoted our time to ensuring that the local businesses and our neighbors are staying securing. The importance of professional technician is in the reliability of the craftsmanship. At Jakob and Daughter Locks in DC, we have sent technicians to repair damages caused by amateur installations. We have seen locks installed unaligned that can’t close. By calling us for a professional installation you are ensuring that your security will be reliable. Call us first and we can save you time and money on security.

Locksmith in Washington DC is Open Everyday of the Year

Jakob and Daughter Locks in Washington DC operates a local team of mobile technicians in the metropolitan area.  Our service operates on a 24 hours schedule 7 days a week. We are open for every holiday including Christmas and Thanksgiving. This results in the availability of an experienced technician that can assist you at all during emergencies. Jakob and Daughter Locks in Washington DC has technicians that carry all the latest name brand equipment, tools, and products. We can be there within 15 minutes with the problem solving security gizmos and gadgets.

Locksmith in Washington DC 24 Hours - 202-888-6768

A Washington DC Locksmith with the Name Brands You Trust

Jakob and Daughter Washington DC Locksmith is fully supplied with the most popular and trusted name brands on the market. These are brands like Medeco, Era, Yale, Schlage, Simplex, Fire King, Union, Sarent, Gardall, Arrow, Haymam, and many others. Each individual brand utilizes different strengths and our technicians understand the best ways to maximize the security. We are offering to the community a 24 hour expertise that can’t be matched anywhere else. Remember to call our technicians when you are in need of a brand name lock.

Physical Security for the Car

When you need an expert for automotive physical security then you should call Jakob and Daughter Washington DC Locksmith. There is an automotive specialist the works on a 24 hour schedule for your convenience. This is also a roadside service so you now have the freedom to lose your car keys anywhere in the area. If you own a boat, sedan, tractor, or motorcycle then our Washington DC Locksmith can help you. Our specialist can help you with ignition repairs, lock repairs, transponder reprogramming, and key duplication.

The Best time to Call a Locksmith

The best to contact a specialist about locks is before you need the service. We want you to take the time and research the local companies. Jakob and Daughter Locks is transparent and peer reviewed on all the social media. When an emergency occurs there might not be time to properly evaluate and compare prices. We confident that if you take the time to do research then you will choose one of our services. We can help secure your preferred motor vehicle, home, or the workplace. All of our products and installations are offered at a great low price.

The Most Important Service Provided by Locksmiths

Very few people take advantage of the skills presented by professional locksmiths. We are offering free consultation with the purchase of any installation. We want to help protect your home and offer you the knowledge that we have gained from years of experience. This is the time to call and speak to an expert about the best ways to protect your home or workplace. We are only offering top notch education to all of our customers. You could benefit from our years in the security field.

The Best Way to Select a Great Locksmith

You can check all of our qualifications, certifications, licenses, and bonds on the phone or online. It is crucial that any technician working on your home has the correct insurance. If any of these criteria is not met then you are dealing with an amateur. Don’t rely on any amateur to install the security that will save your from burglaries. You have invested in a wonderful home so now it is time to invest in a great way to protect it. Call Jakob and Daughter Locks and we will have an expert sent right over with all the parts that you need.