Jakob and Daughter Locksmith in Sterling VA

Lockout services – We help you for all kinds of lockouts

Lockouts occur suddenly and immobilize you. It may occur at your home or office. Your car door may also get locked when you don’t have the key to open it. Any kind of lockout can be a nightmare. Sometimes, a child gets locked inside a home with the parents helplessly standing outside. What you need when you face a lockout is instant help. Our lockout services will take your worries off by solving the problem in a very short time. Jakob and Daughter Locksmith in Sterling VA is a company specializing in all problems relating to locks and keys. If you trust us we will take care of your needs.

Magnetic locks service – Special locks need special attention

Magnetic locks are fine but you can’t predict when a magnetic lock will give you problems because it is an electrical device. An external field of electricity that you are not aware of may cause this device to break down. The magnet may get stuck and refuse to get released or lose its magnetism and become ineffective. These locks should be serviced by people with knowledge of electromagnetism. If you get a defective magnetic lock serviced by a conventional locksmith, the device may break. Use the services of experts in the field who have professionals well versed in electromagnetism. Call Jakob and Daughter Locksmith in Sterling VA for quick and efficient service.

Problem with Window gates?

Window gates are sensitive devices most vulnerable to break down. There can be a wide range of problems from a single bar getting broken to a more serious damage. Get them fixed by people who know the business. Repairing window gates is an intricate job. The bars, the bolts and the screws are to be fixed properly with no lose ends or weak points. Window gates are more important for the security of your home or office. So, don’t take any risk by going for some quick fix jobs. Call Jakob and Daughter Locksmith in Sterling VA for getting the job done perfectly.

Work evenings and earn extra cash

If you are a working person, here is a chance for you to earn extra income by working in the evenings. You can keep your regular job and can get a second income from the evening job. We need people to help us in servicing locks. You need not be an expert. We will train you and make you a professional within a short time. You can work for Jakob and Daughter Locksmith Sterling VA, the experts in lock and key services. Spending a couple of hours in the evenings will give you the extra cash you have been looking for. If you can work evenings, call us to know more.