Jakob and Daughter News 24 hour locksmith Washington DC

Our Re-Keying Services

Many people will contact us at Jakob and Daughter News 24 hour locksmith Washington DC to learn about our re-keying services. We know how important home safety is to you and your family; and so we have taken the time to perfect our re-keying services. We use the latest technology to re-key all of your locks; so even if someone has an old key to your home; they won’t be able to use it to get in. The re-keying process is quick and we’ll be out in an afternoon. Try out our services today and see how secure you feel; after we’ve rekeyed all of the locks in your home.

News 24 hour locksmith Washington, DC – Safes and Vaults Opened Today

Have an old safe that is in your possession, but you aren’t sure how you’re going to get inside of it? Or do you have a vault that has valuables in it, but you forgot where the key was located? The locksmiths at Jakob and Daughter News Emergency locksmith Washington, DC can help you out. We have gotten hundreds of safes and vaults opened over the years, and we can come in get yours opened as well. No job is too big or too small for our locksmiths; we’ll get you into your safe or vault today and be out of your way!

Installation of Various Security Systems

Since they have become more affordable in recent years, many people have decided that it is in their best interest to get security systems installed in their home. But where do you start? You can get security systems that are camera based; or you can just have an alarm installed so that you can be alerted if something isn’t right. And every good security system has the best locks included as well. Want to learn more about your options or make an appointment to get a quote? Contact us at Jakob and Daughter News 24 hour locksmith Washington today and we’ll get started.

News 24 hour locksmith Washington, DC – The Best Vehicle Keys Made

Many people don’t want to replace their vehicle keys because they worry that they aren’t going to be the same quality as the one that was given to them with the vehicle. But, if you work with a company like Jakob and Daughter News 24 hour emergency locksmith Washington, DC, you can feel confident that the vehicle keys made are going to be even better than what you had. Our keys are known for lasting a long time and for being accurate and able to stand up against the elements. Want to know more about our duplication services? Call us at 202-888-6768 to learn more about them.