Jakob and Daughter Locksmith – University Heights

Locksmith University Heights offering variety of Padlocks

There are various types of padlocks for different applications and varying degree of security. Jakob and Daughter Locksmith University Heights and Locksmith Alexandria VA provide you high security padlocks for all your locking needs. The security provided by our locks is particularly high when compared with the regular locks. We offer wide range of padlocks in different designs and colors. There are also environmental friendly locks to support the concept of green living. There are solid granite padlocks, classic Diskus locks, aluminum, brass locks and others. So call us and order your required padlock. The lock will be delivered within a week of ordering.

Get quick help from Locksmith in University Heights by radio-dispatched services

If you are looking for a locksmith service for quick solve your problem. Then you are at the right site. Call us immediately we will there to help in time. Jakob and Daughter Locksmith in University Heights provides you radio dispatched service 24/7. We have a highly qualified team of locksmiths who are trained in all the lock related installations and repairs. Whether it’s a lockout problem or a high security system installation we will be happy to offer you services in time. We always provide our customers with the estimations on the work. The repair work and installations are guaranteed to last long meeting the expectations of the customer. So call us anytime to have our services at your door steps.

Popular University Heights locksmith to get your Safes and vaults opened

Safes and vaults are built for long lasting protection of the valuables. But it can back on you when you accidently lose your keys and face trouble in accessing your contents. In this case, take help from Jakob and Daughter Adams Morgan locksmith University Heights and get your safes and vaults opened. Do not worry your vault or safe will not be damaged in any way. The high class unlocking equipment will override the locking mechanism used in the locks and open it safely. The original functioning of the safe will be retained without any damage. The cost of unlocking is very much affordable. We also provide unconditional support on your queries and provide assistance if required at a later time. So contact us if you are finding the unlocking of your safes or vaults difficult.

Locksmiths for new transponder keys

The transponder keys are used for starting the vehicle. When a transponder key is inserted into the ignition starter of the vehicle the code on the key must be read by a transponder and engine should start. But if the key is damaged then there you will find difficulties in starting your vehicle. In this case, we take our pride to help you out. To have a new transponder key made call Jakob and Daughter Locksmith for transponder key services. We have our tools to cut you a new key on spot. Our proficiency expands to all types of modern transponder keys of the automobiles. Jakob and Daughter Palisades locksmith are licensed, trained and qualified to do the job in an efficient way. So call us anytime for transponder keys.