Jakob and Daughter Washington Locksmith

Safe-related services to get safes and vaults opened

Have problems with your safes? Or, you can’t open your business vault? You can totally rely on the domestic and commercial safe services in Jakob and Daughter Washington Locksmith. Our safe-opening experts and vault engineers will help you have your safe and vaults opened within the shortest time. By applying careful manipulation techniques and advanced tools, our professionals will help you regain the perfect control of your safes and vaults. Moreover, our experienced technicians use the finest tools that are specially designed to ensure minimal damage to your safes and vaults. Contact us today to know more about what we offer in safe-related services.

Automobile services for transponder keys

Transponders keys are becoming standard security solutions to the late models of cars due to their higher level of security. Transponder keys work brilliantly and conveniently. However, what would you do if you lose your transponder key or accidentally break your key? It would be troublesome to get a new transponder key as it has a complex system uniquely specific to your car’s signal. No worry. Jakob and Daughter Washington Locksmith stocks a number of transponder keys designed for all types and models of cars. Our well-trained automobile technicians will replace or repair your lost, or broken transponder keys without making your wallet thinner.

Total services to repair and install window gates and guards

Have you ever wanted to open windows at night to enjoy cool breeze but you can’t, because you are concerned about the security? Or, does your heart skip a beat every time your baby is near to unguarded windows? The solution is simple: installing window gates for a peace of mind and better protection for everyone. Our experts at Jakob and Daughter Washington Locksmith will help you install the finest window gates and guards at competitive prices. Interested in our selection of window gates? Just give us a call or check our website to select the best ones for your needs and style preferences.

Locksmith services that work weekends

If you have any lock problems on the road or at home during weekends, don’t hesitate to call us at 202-888-6768 to get our support within only 30 minutes. At Jakob and Daughter Washington Locksmith, we work weekends to provide you a number of services for your specific needs. We pride ourselves in having fast response to our customers’ requests, and a dedicated team of professional, experienced locksmiths. Whether you need to repair a simple lock or seek for advices on improving your security system at home, our locksmiths are available to dispatch to help you at any hours in both weekends and weekdays.