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Need New Vehicle Locks? We Can Help

Don’t make the mistake of going back to your dealership the next time that you need to get your vehicle locks changed, repaired, or updated. It can cost a lot of cash and it could end up causing you more stress as well. Instead, call us at Reliable Locksmiths in Washington DC. We can get you new vehicle locks, we can repair your current ones, and we can do anything else related to the locks and keys that you have already. Just give us a call today and make an appointment so that we can help you.

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We’ll Do Your Transponder Keys Work

Transponder keys are the keys of the future, aren’t they? These keys are incredibly easy for us to use, but as you likely know, they aren’t quite as easy to make as other styles that are out there. The chips and mechanical devices in side make it a little difficult to try and take care of. That’s why, at Best Locksmith in Washington DC, we have done everything that we can so we can get those keys copied and repaired without a lot of stress or fuss.

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Vehicle Locks Are Not Extremely Expensive

People have developed a misconception among themselves about vehicle locks being extremely expensive. We provide every security device for nominal price. Jakob and Daughter Locks DC is delivering finest vehicle locks for different prices. Regardless of what you drive, we could provide a decent device for ensuring security of your property. Ask questions and get swift answers from our helpline representative by contacting at 202-888-6768.

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Need peephole installation services? We have the experts

Today’s burglars are very cleaver. They no longer use force to invade a home. They use tricks that will see them gain access with ease. In most cases, they trick one to open the door by ringing the door bell. To avoid falling into their traps, you need to seek peephole installation services so that you can always know who is knocking before you can open. At Jakob and Daughter Locks, we have peephole experts who know the best materials to use on peepholes and how to install them.

Get Your Car Keys Made At Home

Did you ever hear the concept where you could get car keys made while sitting at home? Probably you might have not because we have introduced the particular concept recently. What is the process? You call us and ask our representative to deliver car keys made service. Our employees will be at your doorstep in 30 minutes. You would have to come outside and handover the key. After doing this, you can go back and do whatever you want while we manufacture the key.

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Patio door locks like you have never seen before

If you have been shopping around for patio door locks you would have noticed that there are lots of choices available to you in the market. But choosing the one for you is not always easy. In fact, you need to take into account so many factors that you may not have much experience in. Therefore, you need the help from an expert provider like Jakob and Daughter Locksmith DC that can assist you all the way through.

Emergency Break-in Repairs

Break-in Repairs Service Should Be Hired Instantly

When you find out that someone tried to break into your house, you must not act carelessly and hire break-in repairs service right away. Only the professionals are able to analyze and determine the damaged exit points such as windows, locks, doors, etc. Jakob and Daughter Locksmith Washington DC is delivering the break-in repair services for affordable charges. It is important for you to understand that the security of your family is vulnerable when you face a break-in situation.

We are the rated the #1 residential locksmith in Washington DC

Jakob and Daughter Locks in Washington DC is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all of your residential locksmith needs.  Our expert technicians are here to help you in an emergency lock-out situation, to create a master key security system for your home and its perimeter, or to simply re-key your old locks.  Our licensed, bonded and insured locksmiths are local residents and thus, can quickly reach you anywhere in the greater District of Columbia area.

More about our DC Locksmith

Here at locksmith DC our fine locksmiths can help any customer in DC with any locksmithing job.  Whether it be a vehicle lockouts or duplication of keys or any form of household lock problem, automotive locksmith, or commercial locksmithing, our is what our locksmiths are first class in their work.

How to find a certified locksmith?

There are ways to check on your locksmith. You can visit their office or call and inquire about their licenses and their employee’s skills. They are required by law to be licensed. You can contact the better business bureau and check on them through an accredited source. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth. Ask around to get a good feeling if you should allow a company to perform service your personal property.

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