Jakob and Daughter 24 Hour Locksmith Washington DC

24/7 service helps to provide lockout services when needed

Locked out of the vehicle, left your office keys at home, stepped outside to take out the trash and the door shut behind you locking tight all of these things can happen at any time of the day. When they do they are inconvenient and require a locksmith. The 24/7 service we at Jakob and Daughter 24 Hour Locksmith Washington DC provide for your home; auto or business is quick, efficient and professional. When you call a locksmith you expect a quick response with reliable work; that is what you get from us. Call us whenever you need a locksmith no matter the time of day.

A Master key system can be a value to your business

A business needs a certain level of security, and having tons of keys floating about between your employees can lower that level of security. With a Master key system that provides one singular key cut for every door; it is easier to cut down on who enters and exits the building, as well as certain high level areas. We at Jakob and Daughter 24 Hour Locksmith DC can help ensure your business gets a custom system designed to fit you. Lower the number of keys that are used to enter your building; contact one of our technicians for a consultation on our master key system today.

Padlocks have been used for locking up everything since 25AD

Being one of the oldest forms of protection against theft it is no wonder that padlocks are still used today. They have been in use against acts of vandalism, burglary, damage, and illegal operation; since 25AD in many different places throughout the world. Jakob and Daughter 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith DC carries various types of padlocks from combination to plain old regular brass/steel padlocks. Used to lock up everything from fences to bikes and everything in between our padlocks are weatherproof and rustproof which helps to make them versatile. If you’re in need of a lock speak with our staff about our many locks and services today.

A radio-dispatched lock or system can help the authorities get there quicker

Locks are not all the same some are easier to break and force than others; no matter the type of lock if an intruder is breaking in you want the police called. A radio-dispatched lock/alarm is triggered and the authorities are alerted immediately and are routed to your home or business to stop the intruders. At Jakob and Daughter 24 Hour Locksmith Washington DC we can install this type of lock/system to help protect your home or business from pesky intruders while you are away. Contact our technicians at 202-888-6768 to speak with them about what system is best for you; and when we can install it.